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Social activities

Social activities

Show and Share

Aiming at the socialization and the growth of oral reason, the children can bring their small teddy bear friend, their favourite toy or a beloved gift to receive and share their experience with their friends via inventive spontaneous questions!

Heroes and Castles

Time of fairy tale and imagination! Through the narration of a fairy tale or a story, our little friends continuously learn more heroes, allowing their imagination to travel in magic places built in castles and palaces!​

Little Artists

Little Artists

My Creative Self

Often planned and sometimes spontaneously creative handicrafts! Through 30 creative minutes, children are taught everything about the human body, animal life, nature and the means of transport!

One World Full of Colours

A life full of colours! With the hands, the paintbrushes, the crayons, the markers and the colourful pencils! Moments full of joyful grins and freedom! Unique drawings and handicrafts full of meaning and colour, ready to give life in the children's room!

Music Garden

It is time for musical movement! Musical chairs, lost treasure, frozen statues, in the sound of classical music suitable for children...naturally flows the knowledge! The first contact with the music instruments and their individual sounds! Xylophone, tambourines, drums, Spanish castanets!

Role Play

Time for everybody to take their little role! Either by thematic units or by theatrical game, children pretend they are in their beloved heroes’ shoes! An activity that offers children the possibility of improvising and having fun in a world modeled by them!

Learning Together

Learning Together

Magic Numbers

Challenge for young mathematicians! Pre mathematical problems, patterns, colours, classification and puzzles through the most intelligent and creative activities!

Dancing Letters

Letters here, letters there dancing letters everywhere! From the beginning to the end letters keep us company and become our best friends!

Young Scientists

Geography, Machines, Nature.

iPads World

Our little friends learn how to use i pads through programs designed especially for kids according to the modern pedagogies. Games of mathematics, Greek language or paintings, help them develop their technological dexterities.



Puzzle Pieces

A bit of jigsaw, building blocks, legos and duplos in order to learn and build up knowledge on robust foundations!

Little Chefs

Healthy salty dishes and sweet delicacies made with pure ingredients and lots of imagination! And when the kitchen is closed, we make knead with a variety of different materials such as sand and soap! Hours of pleasure yet ample knowledge, whilst we learn the origin of materials and their form, uses as well as their nutritional value!

Little Gardeners

Children learn to love and respect the environment through the contact with nature and each part of it! Tools, mud, seeds and beautiful flower pots filled our garden with life and colours!​ Gardeners looking proud and responsible to develop and grow something they have planted and take care of them and look up to flowering and fruiting them!



Physical Education

Our goal is to provide physical education programs for children 2 to 6 years old. Physical activity has many benefits for children in developing physical and mental health, but recent research suggests that it may even help your child learn better.​

Baby Yoga

Our approach to teaching yoga as part of the integrated school day within established school routine plus input from teaching staff results in a much livelier , more vibrant and fun learning experience. And at the same time allows us to focus on the social and emotional aspects of children's learning.