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What parents are saying...

"Our 3 year old son has been at the EvoKids Baden campus for about 6 months now and surprisingly for us, barring the first few days, has always yearned to go back to the school (even on days when there is no school). We know that the school provides enough facilities to engage young minds but we believe that the credit hands-down goes to Mrs. Ellie (his teacher) and the warmth and the charm that she exudes effortlessly. I am always surprised by how my son runs to her, at first sight, each school day for a hug. And not to forget the fabulous craftwork my son does at school and brings back home to proudly shows to us… when he makes a “penguin” at school and shows to us saying that, “I made this ping-ging today”, it makes our day :)

Go Evokids and Eleftheria!"

Nitin Khandelwal

"Miss Ellie is a very qualified and accomplished teacher. She provides a teaching and development environment with individual care and evolution plan for her students that will help them to establish themselves as confident learners in future. We are very pleased she was Varsiv's Pre School and Pre Kindergarden Teacher."

Thanikesavan & Meenu Sivanthl

"Ellie is a highly qualified teacher. She is absolutely passionate about her work. She adores the children and the children adore her! Our 5 years old son has made a tremendous progress in his Greek speaking and writing skills. Within a year he went from barely talking a few Greek words into managing whole conversations and basic writing in Greek! We are thrilled with Ellie’s teaching skills and we highly recommend EvoKids for their outstanding job to date as the best place for children's creative learning!"

Oliver & Eirini Berg

"Ms. Ellie provides fun activities to enhance learning, and she is extremely talented, creative, and most of all, an outstanding educator. She is passionate about what she does and loves her students. Our daughter Dhriti has been under Ms. Ellie's care for the last 2 years, since she was two. She loves being at Evokids and we can see her emerging to be a well-rounded and a confident child, thanks to Ms Ellie's excellent tutoring. We are extremely happy and at peace that Dhriti’s early foundation years are taken care by Evokids."

Manasa & Murali Muralikrishnan

"A main concern for the parents is to choose the right partner for the education of their children. We feel really fortunate having Mrs. Ellie covering this challenging aspect. A highly skilled teacher, applying an efficient learning methodology, manages to transform the education process into an exciting experience. Both our children, Janis and Nefeli are thrilled with Evokids."

Vasiliki & Fotios Schoinas

"Our daughters Anastasia and Katerina, 8 and 5 years old are always eager to attend all their courses with Mrs Ellie and Mrs Ioanna! During the last year we noticed a big progress on their skills. Girls are enjoying being atEvoKids as they have fun, create and learn!"

D. Tombros & family