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About EvoKids

Welcome to EvoKids


EvoKids™ is a bilingual preschool that believes in creative challenges and learning through play in an international environment for preschool and early-primary children. EvoKids™, believes in providing a three-year curriculum that is challenging and is designed to maximize children’s individual skills and expand their range of knowledge. With campuses in Baden and Zurich, EvoKids™ was conceptualized to enrich what a pre-school can offer, investing in educators, alongside state-of-the-art equipment and materials.


At EvoKids™, children from the English Reading and Writing (Level 1 - Level 2) class walk out of their classrooms, smiles wide, and hands holding an octopus that they have individually cut out of paper and decorated. They walk up to their waiting parents, and animatedly describe how they made their crafts, explaining that ‘O’ stands for ‘Octopus’.


A day at the EvoKids™ preschool is steeped in creative challenges and learning through play. The bilingual learning centre is ideal for families who seek an international environment for their preschool and early-primary children.


Our children from the English Reading and Writing / Earlly Primary Math Center (Level 3 & Level 4) class always finish their class feeling prourd and self confident having completed a higher target every time!


EvoKids™ provides Little Monkeys - a Pre School group for children 18 months to 2,5 years old, Giraffes - a Pre Kindergarden group for children 2,5 - 4 years old and Pandas - a Kindergarden group for children 4-8 years old. We are looking forward to preparing your child for the leadership that this world so urgently needs!


Yours Sincerely,
EvoKids™ Founder

Guiding Philosophies and Core Values

EvoKids™ combines different international teaching methods and utilizes the most effective components of each one.