EvoKids Leimbachstrasse 21, 8041

Little Artists

My Creative Self

Often planned and sometimes spontaneously creative handicrafts! Through 30 creative minutes, children are taught everything about the human body, animal life, nature and the means of transport!

One World Full of Colours

A life full of colours! With the hands, the paintbrushes, the crayons, the markers and the colourful pencils! Moments full of joyful grins and freedom! Unique drawings and handicrafts full of meaning and colour, ready to give life in the children's room!

Music Garden

Musical chairs, lost treasure, frozen statues, in the sound of classical music suitable for children...naturally flows the knowledge! The first contact with the music instruments and their individual sounds! Xylophone, tambourines, drums, Spanish castanets!

Role Play

Time for everybody to take their little role! Either by thematic units or by theatrical game, children pretend they are in their beloved heroes’ shoes! An activity that offers children the possibility of improvising and having fun in a world modeled by them!


Guiding Philosophies and Core Values

EvoKids™ combines different international teaching methods and utilizes the most effective components of each one.