EvoKids Leimbachstrasse 21, 8041


Puzzle Pieces

A bit of jigsaw, building blocks, legos and duplos in order to learn and build up knowledge on robust foundations!

Little Chefs

Healthy salty dishes and sweet delicacies made with pure ingredients and lots of imagination! And when the kitchen is closed, we make knead with a variety of different materials such as sand and soap! Hours of pleasure yet ample knowledge, whilst we learn the origin of materials and their form, uses as well as their nutritional value!

Little Gardeners

Children learn to love and respect the environment through the contact with nature and each part of it! Tools, mud, seeds and beautiful flower pots filled our garden with life and colours! Gardeners looking proud and responsible to develop and grow something they have planted and take care of them and look up to flowering and fruiting them!


Guiding Philosophies and Core Values

EvoKids™ combines different international teaching methods and utilizes the most effective components of each one.